The Blackbox Backend

Build Web Apps Without Backend Code

Soon available via npm

Allotize provides a platform for building modern web applications without backend code, servers or even databases.
This enables you to build your next big thing with just client side code — while we act as your backend.
Data Storage · Identity Management · Real-Time Collaboration · Real-Time Communication · Offline Support

Connect Anything

Connect variables, objects, or any other JavaScript code to Allotize. Your users will then be able to detect events taking place on each others' devices.

This means that you can build message boards, collaborative services, games or anything you could think of with just client-side code.

Use it Anywhere

Allotize is made to work alongside your favourite way of building web apps.

Use Allotize with React, Vue or just plain JavaScript. The Allotize Platform is completely framework agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated in any application.

Impact Everyone

We at Allotize have thought a lot about identity and data management and carefully selected features to make it as easy as possible for you to create your app.

We ended up with a platform that lets you create apps or websites and reach your audience in no time! Authentication, storage, communication — we got it all covered.


Allotize is built with cutting edge technology that enforces both safety and performance.
We have created safe and performant alternatives for WebSockets, Fetch APIs, Storage and more.


cube demo

Here is a simple upvoting system built with Allotize!
Users are able to rotate a cube, upvote/downvote and see each other's changes in real-time.
As for the upvoting code, we simply create a data component that is connected to Allotize.

const upvotes = document.getElementById('upvotes')
const downvote = document.getElementById('downvote')   
const upvote = document.getElementById('upvote')

const votes = Allotize.Data({
    route: 'cube/votes',

    data: {
        upvotes: 0,

    onChange: (oldData, newData) => {
        upvotes.innerHTML = newData.upvotes

upvote.onclick = () => { += 1

downvote.onclick = () => { -= 1


Allotize allows you to share data, stream information, handle credentials and much more!
Here is a small selection of different Allotize components.

Shared Data
Message Streams
Sensitive Information

Starter FREE

  • Up to 3 simultaneous users
  • 10GB/month bandwidth

Pro $7/mo

  • Unlimited users
  • Performance Cluster*
  • 1GB Data Persistance Storage + $0.5/GB per month**
  • 100GB/month Bandwidth + $0.1/GB per month

(*) Allotize uses a P2P solution for sharing data. If you have few users on you page it can in sometimes lead to poor performance.
Our performance cluster mitigates these issues and gives you lightning fast performance world-wide.

(**) Alloitze will store most of its data on your users' devices. If you want data that is available even if your users are offline, you can use our Data Persistance Storage.

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